Life in Foxton

imagewhat you told us in 2011……. what do you feel now?

2011 five most popular aspects of living in Foxton:

  • Community generally (50% of 333 responses)
  • Rural environment and countryside (15%)
  • Location and transport (15%)
  • Shop (8%)
  • Foxton’s size (7%)

2011 five least popular aspects of living in Foxton:

  • A10 – level crossing (18% of 205 responses)
  • Public transport (15%)
  • Vandalism or grafiti (13%)
  • Threat of development (12%)
  • Inconsiderate parking (10%) / Speeding (10%)

What are your views in 2106?

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2 Comments on Life in Foxton

Greg said : 2 years ago

Most popular - sense of community, location Least popular - level crossing, poor shop/PO, speeding in village

Tony Orchard"Guest" said : 2 years ago

Has the time come for serious consideration by the Parish Council towards enabling a local team to manage the village shop. I realise that this would raise many hairs but looking into this in depth I foresee benefits for our village. I see from the net that the shop is up for sale.