Housing and the built environment

imageThis section includes scale and location of any new housing, conservation area and the need for more aordable housing.

Housing needs surveys were carried in in 2003 and 2009. These identied a shortage of affordable houses to rent.

Respondents to the Village Plan questionnaire said the following types of development would be acceptable:

  • 61% indicated single dwellings in controlled locations
  • 60% conversion of redundant buildings
  • 44% small groups of less than 10 houses
  • 21% none
  • 8% expansion on the edge of Foxton
  • 7% carefully designed larger groups

What do you think now? Do you see other housing issues?

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4 Comments on Housing and the built environment

Kim said : 12 months ago

I concur with the last two comments - we need to attract the young with affordable housing and look after our ageing population. For those who wish to remain in Foxton, an option to downsize into bungalows or a residential home would in turn free up properties for families. With more housing; a growing population and local authority environmental protection challenges, improved transport facilities, business opportunities, better shopping options, provision of health services and leisure for all demographics is essential. With considerate and sympathetic planning, a balance of needs could be satisfied. Not in my back yard should now be regarded as an obsolete state of mind.

Charlie Arbon said : 2 years ago

It would be convenient to have a cafe on the space where the old car park is on the reck or in the field neer the dove cot

Guest said : 2 years ago

Small, carefully designed housing for young and especially old. V little purpose built sheltered housing or provision for downsizers here. Development of large premium housing such as in Harston, are less likely to bring in younger people and those with families to support the school. I have found in other villages, just adding to prestige housing means if families move in, they are more likely to pack their kids off to the Perse and don't add anything to the community, so it becomes a dormitory village.

Ron said : 2 years ago

Consideration needs to be given to the requirement for additional social housing based on the interest in the present Hill Farm Development. In addition housing for the aging population in the village should have a high priority.