Employment and local services


This section includes industry, shop, pub etc.

Do we need more opportunities for employment in Foxton? If, what and where?

Are the village shop and pub sucient for Foxton’s needs?

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1 Comment on Employment and local services

Greg said : 2 years ago

The shop used to be enough for the village needs- but since it's decline under new owners no longer is - If there is substantial new building in the village there will be a definite need for another facility to be included as part of the plan. The businesses on the A10 are not really meeting any village needs and that could be reviewed in the future. I think we do miss having the petrol station and its shop. A decent restaurant or cafe might suit the village as well - sadly the tea shop on the high street could not be sustained - but something a bit more interesting and catering for evenings as well could possibly be a success.